"Love is unconditional. Love yourself unconditionally" - Will Killin


Model: Will Killin


Will's is the only quote I can always remember 'off the top of my head'. I photographed Will twice some five years apart. The first time as a baby faces boy who arrived at my studio with a live rabbit in a box because I'd asked him to bring an object. If I could say the rabbit was symbolic of anything it would be that it appropriately symbolised the gentleness, fragility, peaceful quietness of its owner. There was a sense of sadness in Will. Soft spoken, few words, his eyes would often become watery in the course of normal conversation. I was left with a sense of incompleteness after the first photo shoot. I was never satisfied that I had captured a truth; but I had that beautiful quote. When I closed my Surry Hills studio, I called Will, asking if I could photograph him again. He was the last to be photographed, why? To obtain a sense of closure, and to get to the bottom of this sense of having never got it quite right the first time. This time I worked backward. I had the quote; now I had to create an image to represent it, as beautiful as the words were meaningful. The arrow in the heart represents Cupid's arrow, but not of love for another. This is Cupids arrow of self love; and the wings? They're actually a heart.


Graeme Wienand


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