"The Wounded Healer - say what you want" - Craigh Pratt

Model: Craigh Pratt

Using a medium so innately transient as photography to capture personal truth is challenging. Photography is all to often a celebration of the beautiful in a superficial sense. So its almost a contradiction to speak of photography as a medium with which to glimpse a deeper understanding of a person. My portrait of Craigh is to this day one of my favourites and one of the few where I feel I almost succeeded in getting past the superficial person to something that speaks about the inner person. Craigh described himself at the time as "just your average 43 year old 'gay married' Aussie guy". He came from a large family; he was the youngest of a number of older brothers and the only 'homo sibling'. He thought of himself as being very silenced as a boy, everyone always spoke for him. A male nurse, Craigh believes his choice of profession was part of dealing with his own healing. So when photographing Craigh my intuition led me to the use of bandages because it seemed somehow appropriate; the idea of wrapping him in bandages, especially around the mouth.

Graeme Wienand

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