Model: Raphaelle

I've noted in my other writings that "using a medium so innately transient as photography to capture personal truth is challenging' and 'its almost a contradiction to speak of photography as a medium with which to glimpse a deeper understanding of a person". My portrait of Raphaelle came after a long pause in my work when I began to question if I was still connecting with my subjects. I've previously spoken of the silent inner self, the one who is one with all and my ongoing hope that my portraits refer to this inner place. My portrait of Raphaelle speaks to me in all of these ways. It's in her eyes. I met Raphaelle through an association with her mother. I'd seen her once before but she wore a wig and sunglasses at the time and I've often wondered why. On our second meeting she was without the wig and I knew then that I needed to photograph her. These portraits were shot in the sun room of her mother's house. She found the butterfly that morning inside the house and we both connected with the idea that this was somehow intended and that it needed to be included. These images speak of gentleness, of loneliness, of hidden desires, all of which I see in these portraits and I glimpsed in Raphaelle herself. Yet I also know these qualities in myself. In many ways our perceptions of others mirror the self. In the quietness of an inner place, we are the same.

Graeme Wienand





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